A Christmas gift for the band? Something you would like to share with them?

The Crucifiers have decided to offer to the band a present for the end of the year. The idea is to collect from the fans something you would like to share with the band:

a message, a letter, some artwork, some pictures, fun souvenirs with them etc….

all will be collected and a book will be created with everything you will have sent 🙂  There will be 4 books edited , then all the girls will have one at home 😉

Don t lose the opportunity to tell the band, or to tell one of them what you want! Everything will be used in the book! ( everything but no sexual messages, wedding request or things like that as we already received on the website )  Don t forget you have to be a member to participate 🙂

Send us everything here:  maryline.crucifier@gmail.com, you can also send your stuffs by postal address (contact me by mail to get informations about it)

all has to be received before the 10 of december, otherwise it will be too late to be added in the book 😉

So guys! we are waiting for you ! help us to offer the girls a full book, let s show them that they are the best  🙂



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