Biography in english


At the beginning, the band is formed by a singer called Joey Nine, a bassist, Ida Evileye (Ida Stenbacka), a guitarist Klara Force (Klara Rönnqvist Fors), a drummer Nicki Wicked (Jannicke Lindström). The band played in a punk rock style on this period. In 2001, the arrival of Mia Karlsson comes to enrich the band’s sound. She will choose as her band mates, a stage name, Mia Madcrap and later she will become Mia Coldheart.
The band’s name comes from a festival that Ida and Klara went to together in Denmark, where there was an inflatable doll in a cross in the entry and they thought it was funny and in Sweden it’s called Barbara. the band’s name is born.
In 2003, Joey Nine left the band and this had truly made a difference. The adventure doesn’t stop, and the band decided to stay together and Mia replace her on singing. The band moves away from their punk style, changing to a rock/metal sound. They play very often in bars and clubs in Sweden and in 2003, their work had been gainful, they signed with GMR Music Group. In 2005 they recorded their first studio album, In Distortion We Trust, and the first single Losing the Game is in the 8th place on the Swedish charts. The band follows up the shows in Europe, especially in Sweden and in France. In 2009, the second album Till Death do us Party, is born, and in 2010, a DVD documentary on their tour is realized. The 4 Swedish girls with their close friendship complement each other perfectly, in a musical and personal way. The band tours a lot, and the number of the fans is always growing up. In 2012, the last album comes as a bombshell, to their oldest fans and to the other hardrockers and metalheads. The album is more professional, the compositions are clearer, Mia’s voice is hoarser, harder, and stronger, the music is a perfect mix of Hard rock and Heavy Metal. The Barbs found their own style, their own sound, and The Midnight Chase won recognition. The Midnight Chase was done out in North America with NuclearBlast (USA), and were on tour in Brazil and in North America. With success growing, tour dates follows and for the huge pleasure of their fans.


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