The Crucifiers are proud to introduce you  to 3 fanclub members, Ale, Alice, and Maria, the power metal trio Indiscipline!

Metal band from Brazil, please check them out!



Indiscipline website

Indiscipline facebook page

Please make sure to get some merch here!

Indiscipline webshop

Indiscipline_low Camiseta_Indiscipline



Crucifiers, What would be your ideal setlist? We want your opinion!

Hi Crucifiers!

We want your opinion, if you could choose the perfect setlist, which songs you would like to hear live?

Please choose the 15 songs you would like Crucified Barbara to play on stage \m/


Winners of the tickets for the TV Program in Paris

Hi everyone!

Here is the list of the lucky winners who will assist to the TV Program Enorme TV Metal  in Paris the 2nd of april ith Crucified Barbara

Congratulations to all of you!

– Bruno Schötz
– Roger Feldmann
– Morganne Clergeau
– Jennifer Collard
– Dominique Lepoultier
– Nora Lepoultier
– Geraldine Le Came
– Michael Damascene
– Thomas Ozouf