The Crucifiers 24.05.2014

24of may, interview with Crucified Barbara in Gislaved


  • The Crucifiers : You just came back from a tour in Brazil and anounced a tour in Europe, what about the USA ? Any plans to go there ? People are waiting for you.

    Ida : And we are waiting for them too ! What we have definitely booked for the moment in the european tour in the fall, we re gonna do some dates in Sweden in november , we re gonna go to Spain in december. But next year we definitely want to try to go back in the USA, also we want to go to Japan because we have never been there, and also Australia, but the States we really want to go back.

    Klara : Yes we don t have any dates yet, but we re gonna work on that

  • TC : In 2006 you have been on tour with Motorhead, with which other brittish band you would like to be on tour with ?

    Ida : Judas Priest !

  • TC : What s the worst part of being on tour ? And what do you do to solve that ?

    Nicki : All the waitings, haha. And the lack of sleep.

    Klare : Reading is good in those moments, it s always good to have a book.

    Ida : We were talking about that on our way, if we were into drugs, we would would take a lot of drugs in that case hahaha.

    Mia : So we read books instead.

  • TC : Do you have any pledge project for the new album like you did with The Midnight Chase ?

    Mia : We don t have anything planned yet but we re gonna put a lot of things with the new album so…

    TC : It seems that many fans enjoyed it last year with limited editions etc,,,

    Ida : It’s a good idea to get special editions out, i like the idea of the whole project so yes maybe we can think about doing it again.

  • TC : You are touring a lot everywhere, what about a live album or DVD ?

    Ida : hum….. yeah ! We actually already thought about that.

    Nicki : It would be cool

    Ida : We have a lot of materials and could already do something with that, but since we are on the 4th album now and we want to do something really good and make it totally professional.

    TC : Not like a bootleg….

    Ida : No but it would be cool also

    Klara : We want to do something special

    Ida : It takes a lot of time and would be a nice pledge campaign too.

  • TC : Mia, you have a lot of contributions and duets with other artists , is it your idea or those artists contact you for that ?

    Mia : I’ve most have been contacted haha. Most of the time i m called and then i see if it s a good idea or not, as it had been so far.

  • TC : And what about a guest on a CB song like on Jennyfer ?

    Mia : Why not, if we come out with a good project and invite someone to join us for it, but for this album we didn t had it in mind at all. Coz a lot of bands want to have some guests to push the album.

    Klara : I think we feel quite secure and proud of this new album, everything went great and as Mia said we didn t had anything else in mind. We didn t talked about it. It s great the way it is but sure if there is a great opportunity it might happen.

    Ida : Yes of course we will always consider it before saying no.

  • TC : And talking about the new album, will it be in the same line as The Midnight Chase ?

    Ida : Yes it will, but even stronger songs.

    TC : Yes the new songs that you have played for the 1st time in Brazil sound really harder.

    Ida : Yes, it s harder and it s gonna like « In your face »  for the melodies and how we arrange the songs. Since we work with the same producer and the same sound engineer, it s easier, and we have been working a lot. And talking about the guitars sounds, the bass sound, the drum sound.

    Mia : And the main thing in the way we wrote the songs, coz it took like 6 months really focused, almost everyday on the rehearsal room. 4 of us , everyday ! Together writing, changing, arranging and playing so i think the result is good. Haha thanks for that.

  • TC : Rock n roll and hard rock are really popular in Sweden, do you think it s a good thing for the band or at the opposite make the bands drown in the middle of hundreds of other bands, and so people don t care about the new bands?

    Mia : I think it s great, we have so much good bands coming from Sweden, a lot of music going on, and it s not really competing with each others, we are more like friends i think you ve seen it since you re travelling a lot and meeting new bands. People try to encourage each others to play. I think it helps the music.

    Ida : Yeah and there are a lot of bands and not so many people living in the country, and nowadays the bands are touring a lot more than they were used to, coz it s the way of living and make money especially when you don t have any records. You cannot compete about the audience coz people don t have the money to go to all the shows they want to.

    TC : And it s quite hard to gather people on shows out of Stockholm.

    Ida : Yes and in other styles too like pop music, but i like the fact that there are a lot of music going on.

  • TC : Any new cover planned ? Like you did with Killed By Death ?

    Ida : Yeah we talk a lot about that !

    Klare : What do you think, do you have any suggestion?

    TC : Right now no !


    But maybe it would be interesting to ask the fans which song they would like you to cover ?

    Mia : Yes and please come up to us with that ! We have been trying to come up with a new cover for years now.

    TC : Any specific band you would be interested in ?

    Ida : I think it would be fun to do something that it s not hard rock or metal. Well could be rock but maybe something old.

    Mia : But there s a lot of songs to choose.

    Ida : It wouldn t be fun to do another Motorhead cover , doing the same thing again.

    Mia : We would like to have people suggestions, so maybe you can organise something with The Crucifiers and come back to us with the results hahaha.

    TC : Great ! We ll do that.

  • Klara, most of the time you re the one who sings Killed By Death live on lead , why don t you sing more as a lead vocalist ? The fans really love when you do it.

    Klara : hahaha because i can t sing ! I can only scream ! Hahaha

    TC : But people love it !

    Klara : Yeah it s a lot of fun, always a real treat for me when we play it live, when i get to….. scream hahaha. It s fun but i think 1 song is enough hahaha.

    TC : But so you know, people would like you to sing more haha

    Klara : Thank you

    Mia : But it s a good idea coz i want to play more guitar ! Haha.

  • TC : There are 2 acoustic videos of My Heart is Black and Jennyfer on youtube, what about more acoustic songs or an acoustic gig ?

    Nicki : Maybe….

    TC : Is it something you wanna do ?

    Klara : Yes for sure ! We already talked about it and it should be the time to do something, we will let you know !

    Ida : We really like to do that, but it s always a lack of time to organise everything, coz we have to re arrange the songs, we can t just play them like the original version is. We have to adapt them for the acoustic style.

  • TC : What about some song in swedish like Sabaton did ?

    Klara : I can t really see that but maybe if you (pointing at Mia) have the feeling for it to sing in swedish.

    Ida : It would change totally the direction of our music i think.

    Klara : and english is the international language. So for the moment it s not gonna happen.

  • TC : Why this title In the red for the new album ?

    Mia : Oooh !

    Klara : It s a kind of double meaning, as being on tour, being a musician and your life is always in the red like economically and it s also like playing live and getting all the adrenaline of the show.

  • TC : Will you have a release party for the album ?

    Ida : Yes !

    Klara : At least one, maybe several haha

  • TC : Any message for The Crucifiers ?

    Ida : Ohhhh We love you ! And i think that everybody who plays music and does this for living and goes out to see all the people coming to the show feels like, something undescribable, and you feel really greatfull that people wanna come and see us live, it s a lot !

  • TC : Thanks a lot for your time.

    Crucified Barbara : Thank you !



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