Who is Mia


Credit Photo: Maryline Crucifier


Mia Coldheart


August 21

Place of Residence:



Music, horses, painting, training, nature, cooking

Musical Background:

Started to sing classic choir music at the age of 10 in school but it was not so much fun. Got an accordeon, not my choise but I learned to play it. Then I found the guitar when I was around 14 and started to learn Nirvana songs and formed my first band with friends from school. After that band split I’ve been playing with some grunge and thrashbands, ‘til I found CB in 2000

What makes you laugh:

Birds. They are funny.

Personal highlight with Crucified Barbara:

Hard to choose only one but going to South America this year was really a big adventure and great success, amazing crowd everynight and we can’t wait to come back there again!

Favourite CB song:

Right now I’ts Rock me like the Devil, I like the song and it’s so fun to play live.

Favorite bands/musicians:

It sounds strange maybe but when I’m home from tours I don’t listen much to rock music. So right now my favorite is a danish singer/songwriter called Tina Dico. Her music keeps me in a good mood when I’m home, help me relax and inspire me at the same time. My favorite song with her is Head Shop, check it out! A beautiful track!

Favorite Drink:

Tjockhult beer at Akkurat. Water.

Favorite Food:

Prefer vegetarian food, and I love chili and spicy food!

Favorite Animal:

I love all animals! But I hang out mostly with horses!

Life Philosophy:

live now!

Any fun road stories?

Last tour in Spain I went to bed early after every show but when we had done the last one we went to party in Barcelona, and ended up on a fancy night club and danced ‘til 5 in the morning to Swedish House Mafia

When did you started to play music?

I started to play guitar when I was 14. And I began to sing rock when the first CB singer left the band, right before recording the first album! In 2003.

With who would you like to play?

Alice in Chains!

Side projects (or duet)?

I have done some guest vocals during the years. One of my favorites have been with the great rock band Supercharger from Denmark – check them out! I also sing on a friends project Minors Outfit with one former members from SuperCharger. I also sing on song on the italian band Fake Idols upcoming release. Then I have plans for recording some of my own singer/songwriter stuff, I have songs even from when I was 16, never recorded! I hope to find time for that sometime in the future as well.


Gibson Flying V, Mesa boogie Rectifier

Places you never been and would like to play:

I wanted to go to the US and it’s coming true now. Then I hope to play in Japan.

other instruments you play:

I can play the accordeon a bit.

worst souvenir from tour/show:

The worst souvenirs are always own my stinky wet clothes that I have to carry home from every tour!

if you didn t became a professional musician, what would have been your job?

Hard to say, I have many interests but if I should change career now I would move to the country side and become a full time painting artist –or maybe a farmer. I love to be close to nature. So I have really chosen a strange way of living, thinking of that!

How and why did you chose those scene names?

I choosed a name that suited me at the time, in the early 2000. I was a bit coldhearted in my relationships so I thought it was a good name. It was hard to let people close and I thought relationships was not for me, even if I had some! Now I have changed a lot since then, I have a warm heart, but I keep my name as a reminder, for good and bad.


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